When it’s Time to Replace Your Hot Water Heater

Summer is winding down and the coolness of fall will be soon approaching. The last thing you want to do is turn on your shower one chilly morning, only to be pelted with cold water. Before you panic, it could just be that the pilot light on your hot water tank has gone out, or that the circuit breaker has been tripped. But if the water has gone cold because your hot water heater has failed, you could be facing worse than just a cold shower; such as a basement or storage closet that has been flooded and damaged from the water that has leaked from the old tank. Before you find yourself in the cold, or in desperate need of a new hot water heater on-the-spot, know the early signs that show your tank is ready to say sayonara.

  • Rusty or muddy water coming from the hot faucet
  • Loud or rumbling noises from inside the tank
  • Water leakage around or near the water heater
  • Water that has a metallic taste
  • Age of the hot water heater

Most of these signs are pretty obvious and when they happen, we know that it is time for your tank to be replaced. Things that we can see, such as muddy water or leakage, are clear indicators that something is no longer working as it should. But if everything is looking, smelling, and tasting okay, you still may be in need of a new tank. Checking the age of your tank can lead you to know how close you might be to a muddy mishap. The standard usage for a hot water heater is about 10 years.

If your tank is 10-or-more years old, you might want to consider replacing it now before any of the trouble starts. And if you see any of the signs listed above, you know that it’s in your best interest to call Cardigan and have your tank replaced now. Our team of Master Plumbers can remove your old tank and install your new one before it gets out of control. Isn’t it easier to schedule an appointment with our exceptional plumbing team at your own convenience instead of having to schedule when it’s not? Call us. When it comes to your hot water tank, we’ve got you covered.

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