Where Should You Keep Your Laundry Machines?

Crofton Remodeling - Where Should You Keep Your Laundry Machines?

When it comes to Crofton remodeling, especially anything involving plumbing, most of the thinking goes into the “big” rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms. However, there is another consideration for your home that can have an impact on your weekly life, and that is the location of your laundry machines. You have a choice about where these should go!

Your Options

For many people, if there is a basement present, it’s not unusual for this to be the “default” place for laundry machines to go. It’s out of the way, and has easy access to water and drainage pipes, making it a natural location. However, that also means it can be more tedious to bring the laundry down to wash and dry.

Other alternatives include building out a niche for laundry machines in the kitchen, or even a separate room just off the kitchen. This is a good idea since the floor tiles in or near a kitchen can cause less concern with wet clothes. Another very popular area, especially for split-level homes, is on the second floor itself. This is very convenient since dirty clothing is often stored on the second floor anyway before being washed.

Plumbing & Ventilation Are Crucial During Your Crofton Remodeling

Of course, two significant factors that need to be considered for laundry machine placement are plumbing access and ventilation. Laundry machines will need access to water and drainage pipes. In some cases, dryers will need access to natural gas. This is why placement near a kitchen or bathroom is preferable since it’s more economical to access those existing plumbing pipes, rather than build out new ones.

Another consideration for Crofton remodeling for laundry machines is air. Laundry machines generate both heat and moistures, so venting this excess to protect the immediate environment is essential. If you consult with the experts as you undertake your remodeling, you’ll find the most convenient place to install your laundry machines.