Where Should You Put Your Microwave Oven?

Kitchen Renovations: Where Should You Put Your Microwave?

Over the last few decades, the microwave oven has quickly risen to the top as one of the most indispensable appliances in the kitchen today. Having a microwave oven in a kitchen makes it possible for even people who don’t like to cook to eat at home more regularly, thanks to the plethora of microwaveable food products now available. However, if you’re considering getting some kitchen renovations done, microwave placement might be something to put on your list. Here are a few reasons why.

Free Up Space

For some, the microwave oven was an additional purchase for the kitchen. It needed either its own dedicated table, or it may have taken up some of the counter space in the kitchen that would normally have gone to food preparation or storing other appliances.

With a dedicated space, such as over the stove, a microwave now frees some of that counter space for other uses.


On the other hand, depending on your family situation, you may want to place a microwave lower than a countertop. Microwaves make it easy for children to prepare meals and snacks for themselves or even warm up leftovers, but they can only do so if they can easily reach the microwave and work the controls.

If you’ve got more cabinet space than you need in your kitchen, or you’re trying to decide what to do with that extra volume of space that a new island counter gives during your kitchen renovations, a microwave can be placed at a lower position. By doing this, you’ve made your family situation easier for everyone, as children can now easily operate the microwave should they feel the need to, providing more convenience for everyone in the household.

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