Where Should Your Laundry Machines Go?

General Contractor In Maryland - Where Should Laundry Machines Go?

One of the nice things about having your own home is the chance to have your own laundry machines. Anyone who’s ever lived in an apartment or student housing knows the extra hassle involved in packing up laundry and either going down to a laundry room within the building or a laundromat. But if you’ve got your own home, where should your laundry machines go? There are a few options, but you should talk this over with your general contractor in Maryland.

The Basement

If you have a basement, one common choice for laundry machines is here. It’s easy for a few reasons. An unfinished basement, for example, doesn’t have to look good, and if it used mainly for storage, then putting laundry machines in this out of the way space keeps valuable space in the home clear for other uses.

However, access can be an issue, especially for older adults. A basement location means the laundry machines are in the most inaccessible place in the home. Once mobility issues creep in, a basement laundry set up can be risky.

In Or Off The Kitchen

Because the kitchen is already built to withstand the abuse of cooking and spills, some people prefer to put laundry machines here. Another alternative is the “mudroom” or “utility room,” which may be built adjacent to the kitchen.

This is a good choice in one sense because there’s already a lot of plumbing in the kitchen, so tapping into the existing pipes is not a huge effort, especially if a general contractor in Maryland is already remodeling the kitchen area.

The Second Floor

For others, especially if there are multiple floors in the home, the second floor is the most convenient area, because that’s where all the closets and bedrooms are. This is the most “easy access” of the possible locations, but it may not always be possible depending on the desired location, and access to plumbing.

It’s always best to talk to a general contractor in Maryland about your options.