Which Bathroom Type Is Right For Your Home?

Which Bathroom Type Is Right For Your Home?

Planning a bathroom remodeling project? Dive into exciting possibilities—whether transforming your current setup or adding new spaces, discover four key bathroom types carefully tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Full Bathroom

The biggest of the bunch in terms of functionality, the full bathroom has everything: a toilet, sink, bathtub, and shower, though often the bathtub is combined with the shower.

Typically, the full designation in a home refers to the primary bathroom, often part of the master suite.

¾ Bathroom

As the name implies, this is not quite a full bathroom. It will still have a toilet and sink but will usually only have either a bathtub or a shower stall.

Sometimes, the ¾ bathroom is located next to the master bedroom, particularly when featuring a deluxe luxury tub model.

½ Bathroom

Also known as the powder room or guest bathroom, this area usually only contains a sink and a toilet. It is used primarily as a fast, efficient means of cleaning up the face and hands or attending to toilet needs.

This is often a popular and feasible addition for many homes where bathroom access can be an issue due to many residents or frequent visits by many guests.

¼ Bathroom

Sometimes, it is also known as a “utility bathroom” because of its lack of functionality. This is a much older type of bathroom, often built into the basement of historic homes.

It usually only sports a toilet or a shower stall. These bathrooms were originally designed for workers engaged in heavy, messy labor, providing a separate space for cleaning up.

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