Which Of These Bathrooms Is Right For You?

Bathroom Remodeling In Maryland: Which Is Right For You?

Deciding on bathroom remodeling in Maryland means renovating or even adding an entirely new bathroom to a home. This can mean some big changes for a property, especially if the decision is made to open up how many bathrooms are available. But there’s more than one bathroom to go with, and which one you decide to add or renovate to will change the bathroom experience in your home.

Here are the three bathroom types that you have to choose from when undertaking bathroom remodeling in Maryland.

Standard Bathroom

The size varies, and the fancier versions may have specific, luxury features, such as a skylight or spa-like environment, but the standard bathroom is one that everyone is familiar with. This includes at least one sink, one toilet, and a shower stall, a bathtub, both, or a bathtub with a showerhead installed.

Every home has at least one standard bathroom. In some cases, the standard bathroom may be the only bathroom for smaller homes, and everyone has to share it. Larger homes may have at least two, with another standard bathroom attached to the master bedroom. This is the “foundation bathroom” of all homes, and having more than one is always convenient.

Half Bathroom

Also known as a “water closet,” the half-bathroom is one of the most popular additions for bathroom remodeling in Maryland. It is comparatively easy to do and adds a lot of value to a property with less expenditure. In terms of sheer “bang for the buck,” the half-bathroom delivers.

A half-bathroom is a bathroom that includes a sink and toilet but no tub or shower. This bathroom is strictly for toilet use, washing hands, or other personal grooming such as brushing teeth, shaving, or hair care. This is an extremely popular addition to any home because an extra toilet and sink are always welcome in a residence, especially during busy “peak periods” such as when everyone is getting ready for work and school at the same time.

Wet Bathroom

This is an unusual choice but brings with it some interesting possibilities. A wet bathroom is typically sized similar to or smaller than a standard bathroom, as it includes a shower. However, the big change here is that the shower is not a closed-off stall, and the floors and walls are all tiled to tolerate open water coming from the shower stall.

Losing the shower stall door and exposing the rest of the bathroom to the shower gives the wet bathroom a distinct look and feel from other bathrooms. However, the most significant difference is that this entire bathroom is waterproofed, unlike others which are only waterproof in the tub or shower area, and are water-resistant elsewhere, such as moisture-resistant paint for drywall.

Wet bathrooms, by eliminating shower doors and making the entire room waterproof, can be smaller and easier to clean. If you’re looking for a visually distinct choice for your bathroom remodeling in Maryland, this brings other benefits as well. Ultimately, what your new bathroom renovation or addition will look like depends mainly on what you need for your home improvement.