Who Are Your Kitchen Cabinets For?

Contractor Cabinets And Who Are They For?

Anyone getting contractor cabinets installed in their kitchen is already aware that kitchen cabinets are typically the most expensive feature of any kitchen remodel. Quality kitchen cabinets aren’t cheap, but the fact that the cabinets themselves take up so much space in a kitchen means the materials and labor required are sizable.

If you’re budgeting for contractor cabinets and figuring out how much money to spend, your first question should be, “who will be using these cabinets?”

Having It Your Way

If you’re just moving into a previously owned home, or you’ve saved up the money and want to invest in your current home and make it more suited to your personal habits and lifestyle, you should allocate a bigger budget.

It will cost more money to have contractor cabinets designed to accommodate your workflow and kitchen needs, but this will also mean years of having a more pleasant day-to-day experience in the kitchen. You’ll probably want to consider more premium features as well, such as quiet, smoothly opening and shutting drawers, or even pull out shelves depending on your needs.

Increasing Value With Contractor Cabinets

On the other hand, if you are updating a kitchen strictly for sale, or even rental, it’s not wise to spend too much money on cabinets. While a kitchen is often the one room that can make or break a purchase from a potential home buyer, a large expenditure on the kitchen doesn’t guarantee a return on that investment.

On average, the more you spend on a kitchen remodel strictly for resale value, the less the ROI will work favorably for you. Basic cabinetry runs about $100 per foot on average, but premium and custom cabinets can cost as much as $500.

Spending the money to make cabinets clean, new, and functional is often enough for investment purposes where you want to ensure you’re getting a return. However, if you are making the kitchen you’ve dreamed of, then treat yourself, and budget the cabinets accordingly.