“Why” Is The Most Important Kitchen Remodeling Question

Why Is The Most Important Kitchen Remodeling Question

If you’ve decided it’s time for an upgrade to your kitchen, you’ll get the best results in the shortest amount of time by working with experienced kitchen remodeling companies. However, to get the kitchen that really suits your needs, you need to explore one important question thoroughly. Why are you remodeling your kitchen?

Why Informs Everything Else

The question of “why” uncovers your needs and motivations. The more specific you can be about answering the question “why,” the better the final results will meet your needs. The worst case scenario, for example, is answering the question “Why am I remodeling my kitchen?” with, “I don’t know, I just want a change.” And then, because you didn’t know why you were doing it, finding out you don’t like the island counter placed where it is, you don’t like the choice of materials for the counter, you don’t like the fact that you don’t have a pantry room, and you don’t like the that there’s no dishwasher. Because no one knew you wanted these things, they couldn’t be built into your new kitchen, and you just paid for a kitchen that comes nowhere near meeting your needs.

Conversely, taking the time to really interrogate this question and your answers can lead you to better plans and final results. For example, if the answer “Why do I want to remodel my kitchen?” has the answer, “I now use a wheelchair, and the current configuration is difficult or impossible to use,” the specificity of this answer means plans will center around addressing this need.

The “why” of a kitchen can run a gamut of different answers, including:

Passive Income Through Rent

If you’ve decided to rent out properties, remodeling a kitchen to fit modern needs is one of the best ways to ensure you attract a tenant who will want to live on the property. However, now, because you are investing in a kitchen expecting a return on investment, proper budgeting is one of your biggest concerns.

In other words, you won’t be spending huge amounts of money on this project because the lower your budget, the better your ROI on renting the property.

Building A Dream Kitchen

On the other side of this equation, there are the homeowners who have had to tolerate less-than-ideal kitchens their entire lives, and now that they have the budget and means, they want to get a kitchen that addresses their needs finally, not someone else’s.

In this case, the “why” is very different, and if a person has always wanted a dishwasher, an island counter, an induction stove, or marble kitchen tiles, this is all just a matter of narrowing down general wishes into specific choices.

Touching Up

In some cases, the “bones” of a kitchen are good, and you’re happy with the placement of counters and cabinets; it may just be a question of bringing some things up to date, such as new counter surfaces, new appliances to replace the old ones, or even just a new paint job for the walls and cabinets.

In all of these cases, it’s only by understanding your needs that you get results that work for you.

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