Why You Should Embrace The Open-Concept Kitchen

Once upon a time, the kitchen was solely a workspace. A room with the bare essential used only to cook meals. However, today’s kitchens have revealed a different side of the kitchen: the open-concept has quickly taken rank as the heart of homes. For a long time, kitchens were very closed off, but not people want an active family home. The open-concept kitchen allows homeowners to have an open floorplan that allows a view into other parts of the home, creating a more welcoming space for social and family gatherings.


Why Change From A Closed Layout?

The downside to a closed-off kitchen is isolation. As families made their homes a safe place, the desire for interaction and openness rose dramatically. This kind of layout does not allow for direct access from the kitchen to the dining area or family rooms. Closed layouts make it difficult to interact with friends and family while preparing meals. The open layout provides freedom to move about and make your home feel big and welcoming.


Why Choose An Open-Concept Layout?

The term “cocooning” became popular in the world of home design about twenty years ago. Home life had begun its shift as people began to spend more time at home. This “cocooning” is what fueled the idea of an open-concept layout. Homeowners wanted to entertain family and friends while doing household chores and routines. It showcased the need for a kitchen that could adapt to the changing to a more casual and interactive home life.


Studies Prove That Open Kitchens Can Lead To Happier Homes

Studies from Ohio and Germany have found that our home environments have effects on happiness. The study in Ohio showed that some homeowners felt a disconnection with friends and family after purchasing a new home. The study in Germany showed that homeowners who changed something they disliked about their home experienced an increase in satisfaction. So what exactly does that mean for open kitchens? It means that the open kitchen can resolve both of those issues.

Open layouts allow the homeowners a physical space where they can entertain family and friends. Social and family gathering are easier than before, and remodeling your home to include the addition will increase your satisfaction. In the world where entertaining is rare, an open layout allows your best virtues of your home to shine through.

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