Are Wood Countertops A Good Choice For My Remodel?

Are Wood Countertops A Good Choice For My Remodel?

Wood countertops give any kitchen remodel a timeless and classic look, which makes it no surprise why so many homeowners give them a great deal of consideration when designing their perfect new kitchen. To break down if this countertop choice is one you should be incorporating into your remodel, we at Cardigan want to outline a few of the top benefits of wood countertops, and what they can add to your kitchen experience:

Simple to fix – Wood countertops are very simple to fix, and if you’re looking for a countertop option that is truly built to withstand everyday family use, this is one that should be at or near the top of your list. With wood countertops, any scratches, gouges, or marks can be sanded down, smoothed out, and refinished either at home or by a professional to restore your brand new look.

They’re sanitary – One concern that many have with a porous countertop like wood is sanitation, but wood countertops are surprisingly naturally sanitary. When finished, they have a natural protection from allowing bacteria to get in, and they’re as simple to clean as countertops made from quartz, granite, or any other material.

Classically stylish – Wood has never, in history, gone out of fashion. When you opt for wood as your countertop material, you can rest assured that it will be classically on trend for the life of your kitchen.

Long lasting – Like wood flooring, wood countertops have an incredible lifespan. Because they are so simple to fix and maintain, one may need to sand and refinish their wood countertops around every 10 to 20 years, but with each simple refinish their countertops will be left looking brand new. If you want a countertop option that will last throughout the entire life of your remodel, there are few better choices than wood.

To learn more about what wood countertops can do for your kitchen and your remodel, simply contact us at Cardigan today.