Your Cabinet Contractor Gives You Back A Functional Space

Your Cabinet Contractor Gives You Back A Functional Space

One of the most important professionals on your kitchen or bathroom remodeling team is your cabinet contractor. The cabinet space you have in your kitchen or bathroom plays a huge role in the functionality of the space, and it’s something to really consider no matter what type of remodeling job you’re working with. Sufficient cabinets keep your space clutter free, organized, and ready to use or ready to clean.

When talking with your cabinet contractor during the planning and design portion of the process it’s important to communicate your use of the space, what you plan to use your cabinets for, and any other needs you may have from your room. This will help your contractor to determine what cabinetry is right for you and the overall design of the kitchen or bathroom, allowing you to have a more satisfying result.

If you’re considering your need for cabinetry there are a few things to consider before bringing your needs and ideas to your cabinet contractor. First and foremost, if you’re putting the cabinets into a kitchen area, you should consider your appliances and your storage needs. For instance, if you want your cabinetry to work around a refrigerator or to hold certain appliances like coffee makers or blenders when not in use, your cabinet contractor will need to install a design that accommodates these needs. For the bathroom, this may mean having a cabinet to hold hair tools and spare toiletries on one side, with a medicine cabinet higher up.

After your functional needs are out of the way, then you can start considering the “fun” stuff like color and design. Your cabinets will really tie the space together, giving the eye a cohesive way to move about the room and take in the full design. Cabinets can be installed and painted many different colors to really make your vision come alive.

Our cabinet contractors are here to help you through the design process. If you’re considering a remodel complete with cabinet installation, contact us at Cardigan Kitchens and Baths today.