Your Kitchen & Bathroom Are Investments

Crofton Remodling - Your Kitchen & Bathroom Are Investments

When you’re a homeowner, you want everything to work, so it’s important to make sure that the basics are taken care of. Having a good roof, keeping your HVAC system repaired and up to date, or fixing a bad foundation are all important aspects of having a safe, reliable home. However, once everything is working, there are things to think about, especially if you’re thinking long term about your home as an asset that is an important cornerstone of your personal finances. Your home doesn’t just have to be the place that you live, it can be an investment, and Crofton remodeling of the kitchen and bathroom can be an important part of that.

People Want More

Of course, just like you, most people that are looking to buy a home want to make sure the basics are covered. So in the same way that you worry about having a roof in good condition, or no leaky plumbing, or an energy-efficient HVAC system, potential buyers will be looking for the same thing. So when you take care of these aspects of your home for yourself, you’re also helping your resale value.

The big issue comes when you’ve covered all the basics, and you know that fundamentally, your home is in just as good shape as anyone else’s. Once your home is safe from issues like roof maintenance, or a leaky foundation, how do you differentiate it from the many other homes that can make the same claim?

Rooms Can Be Dated

The kitchen and the bathroom are two of unique rooms in a home because, unlike every other room; these are purpose-built, with permanent fixtures in them. A bedroom can be a bedroom, or it can be converted to a library, a home office, or even a workshop. The only thing you need to do is change the furniture and the purpose of the room changes.

The kitchen and bathroom, however, have fixtures like sinks, faucets, toilets, and counters that are all permanently affixed to their positions. A kitchen will never be a library, it will always be used to cook food, and a bathroom can’t be converted to a home theater room unless everything is removed. Because of this, unlike other parts of a home that can look modern with different decorating choices, a bathroom built in the 1990s will always look like a cultural artifact of the 1990s unless the tub, sink, and toilet are changed out.

New Renovations Add More Value With Crofton Remodeling

This means that once all the basics are covered, what’s going to make your home more appealing than others is the state of the bathroom and kitchen. If you’re putting your home up for sale, and you want to increase your chances of people being intrigued enough by your home to make an offer, think about getting some Crofton remodeling for your kitchen, bathroom or both if they haven’t been touched in years.

By doing this, you’re making even less work for a potential buyer, and as long the Crofton remodeling job is done with care and quality, you’ve created new spaces that a new family can enjoy for years to come. That’s always an easier sell!