Your Kitchen Counters Are The Tops

Everything in your kitchen has a purpose. The oven is for cooking meals for your family; the cabinets are for storing your kitchen necessities; the table is for gathering around to eat and talk. One very important kitchen commodity is one that might be a causal afterthought for some, or a focal point for others, but it is something that should be considered with as much thought as you give your appliances: the countertops.


Countertops For Everything

Countertops are there to catch your spills, to hold your batter bowl as you mix, and to give you a place to roll your dough. Kitchen counters are a loading dock for dishes to be brought to the table, and a place for them to come back to before being loaded into the dishwasher. Countertops can be a makeshift desk when needed, a place to sit if necessary, and a bar to serve your drinks to an excited crowd. They can even be a place to cradle your head in your hands after a long day. If a kitchen had no countertops, well, who would even want to imagine that?


What To Look For

As you think about remodeling your kitchen, your countertops need to fit in with your other updated choices. Options are plentiful and all types and textures abound. Colors, designs, brands, materials; how do you decide what will work best in your kitchen? If you are a person who uses your kitchen for more than just a place to open the take-out containers, there are a few things that you should consider when deciding what type of countertop you want. Look for materials that are:

  • Durable – scratch and chip resistant
  • Healthy – nonporous and antibacterial
  • Safe – low-emitting for indoor air quality
  • Easy – low maintenance and quick cleaning


Cambria Quartz

With countertops made from quartz, you get all of that and more. Cambria quartz is less porous and stronger, making it a wise choice for people who spend a lot of time in their kitchens. You may think of quartz as being a stone and wonder how many designs can come from a rock? It’s a bit deeper than that. In distinguished colors such as red, blue, olive and yellow, your choices are vast. Go from blizzard white to midnight black and all hues of brown, grey and beige. Designs can be delicate and almost solid in appearance, or appear to have a large stone quality; some have a marbled effect, and some have combination of all. You pick the design that you feel would best match your lifestyle. Plus, Cambria is made in the USA by proud people like you who take their kitchens seriously.

Let the designers at Cardigan show you the options so that your remodel can be complete. After all, no kitchen can go without countertops and why not make them beautiful and functional?

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