Your Kitchen Is An Electric Nerve Center

Your Kitchen Is An Electric Nerve Center - Crofton Remodeling Company

If you need a Crofton remodeling company for your kitchen, your most visible concerns for a kitchen remodel will be the obvious things. Kitchen cabinets define the look of your kitchen, but so does the tile on the floor, and the location counters, as well as the choice of material for the countertops.

However, there is one area of a kitchen that is more important than any of these considerations, although it is often a component of kitchen remodeling that people forget about. However, a good Crofton remodeling company is always going to bring this factor of a kitchen remodel to the forefront, because it determines just how easy or difficult a kitchen is to use, and that’s the availability of electricity.

More Than Just Plugs

Many people initially think of electricity in the kitchen as just how many outlets are within easy reach for appliances like the toaster oven, or the microwave. But while it’s true that these are important, a kitchen needs far more wiring than just that. A good Crofton remodeling company will help you to plan for other important kitchen electrical needs such as:


Do you want overhead lighting centrally located in the ceiling? Or you would like lighting under cabinets that illuminates certain portions of the countertop for easier food preparation? Do you want lighting over the stove? All of these need electricity and the wiring to accommodate them.

The Refrigerator

Today’s refrigerators are far more power hungry than the fridges of old. In addition to keeping food cool or frozen, they can now make ice, pour water, may even have cameras inside so you can view your food from an app on your phone, and in some cases, now come built with touch-screens as the 21st-century replacement for the old “fridge magnet.”
This means, along with the increased size, that the power demands of a fridge are very high. Always ensure that a fridge has its own dedicated power point and that it doesn’t share this with anything else.

The Range

The stove is the heart of the kitchen, and whether you use gas, electric, or induction for cooking, the stove has its own specific power demands. Unlike other household items that can plug into any wall socket, a stove needs a 50 amp, 240 volt dedicated circuit running through a 6-3 electrical wire.
This means that stoves have a special cord that is required for plugging into a specific kind of range outlet. Please take this into account when you are looking at stove placement, because it may mean new wiring will have to be built to accommodate a location change.

The Wall Outlets

And, finally, there are different outlets. A kitchen should, at a minimum, have two different outlets dedicated to smaller appliances, but for today’s 21st-century resident, this is probably far from adequate.

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With so many new appliances competing for space, from microwaves to the chargers for various devices, there’s a much greater need for outlets. If you want to use many devices on an island countertop, have them built in to avoid needing extension cords!