Your Kitchen Remodel Purpose Affects Your Results

Your Kitchen Remodel Purpose Affects Your Results

When it comes to most of the rooms in your home, their look, feel, purpose and usefulness can all be changed by swapping in and out different furnishings, and maybe a coat of paint. That unused bedroom can become a study, or a home office, or even a game room with the right redecorating. However, your kitchen is something that can only really change with a significant kitchen remodeling, which is not fast, or easy, or cheap.

This means that when you’re thinking about getting a kitchen remodeling, your reason for doing so is going to play a big role in what kind of remodel you get, and what your final results will be. This is why you need to ask yourself a very important question right at the start. Why do you want this kitchen remodeling?

Business? Or Personal?

Answering this question determines every other factor that is going to follow. Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen because you want your kitchen, your way, or are you doing this because you’re looking to add some value to your home’s asking price when you put it back up on the market?

The Cost Effective Consequence

If your answer was that you are doing a kitchen remodel strictly for resale purposes, this gives you much more focus about your final results and also gives you a clearer range of options to choose from. You want to add to your home’s value, but you don’t want to spend so much on the remodeling that you lose money on the work compared to what the remodel adds to your home’s sale price. If, for example, you spent over $50,000 on your kitchen remodel, and it only added $10,000 to your home’s final sale price, then that’s $40,000 of loss you need to build into the final profits you make on your home sale.

So in this case, you are balancing improving the kitchen with keeping costs in mind to maximize profit. Because the kitchen is going to be part of a sale, this also means you don’t have to worry about color choices, or even placement of appliances and fixtures to suit your personal taste. You can follow the modern trends since the buyers will be looking for a modern kitchen.

The Kitchen For You

On the other hand, if you’re kitchen remodeling because you finally want the kitchen that operates just the way you want it, this is a completely different motivation. Cost-effectiveness may not come into it at all, and if you’ve always wanted that granite countertop, you can get that granite countertop. If you don’t like open concept kitchens and prefer a room, you can indulge your taste, because this is the kitchen you’ll be using for years.

You can have as many or as few cabinets as you want, you can pick the color and paint scheme you want, and you can pick the tile that makes you happy. This is, after all, a kitchen for you. And that changes your whole approach to what is worth the money and what’s not.