You’ve Got More Than One Option For Dishwashers

- kitchen home improvementYou’ve Got More Than One Option For Dishwashers

For people looking at kitchen home improvement, one item that can be very popular is a dishwasher. In the old days, it was believed that washing dishes by hand was more efficient for your water bills. Today, however, modern dishwashers use less water, time, and electricity than washing by hand.

In other words, teaching the children in a household the value of work by getting them to wash dishes by hand could be costing a home an extra $1300 every year in water bills! But if you’re thinking of getting a dishwasher for your home, you’ve got many more options than in the past.

Countertop Models

Suppose you don’t want to lose storage space for floor cabinets by having a traditional, built-in dishwasher. In that case, there are now models small enough to fit on a countertop. These are about the size of a microwave oven, but be prepared to sacrifice a permanent amount of countertop space for them.

Countertop models are better for smaller households since they usually handle dishes for 2-3 people, but larger models are available. They are either hooked up to faucets or have water poured into them to operate.

Portable Models

Going a step beyond the countertop model are portable dishwashers. These are about the size of a regular dishwasher—or slightly smaller—with the critical difference being that they’re on wheels. They can be moved around and usually require a connection to a faucet.

This is another option for people that don’t want to sacrifice cabinet space, but it will require more thought for storage. It’s also suitable for people who rent and aren’t allowed to install a permanent appliance.

Built-In Models With Your Kitchen Home Improvement

Finally, there are the dishwashers more people are familiar with. These have their own dedicated water and drainage line. They will also require installation as a permanent kitchen home improvement appliance. If you have a larger family and are willing to give up the cabinet space, this is a good alternative for homeowners.